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science festival. it's exciting. >> the tech museum of innovation. we are in front of the imax dome. there are a lot of neat things to see. lots of sunshine in the bay area. we'll talk about that and hopefully warmer temperatures than these coming up. >> a live look at our traffic sensors in the east bay. we're watching an accident northbound 880 approaching marina boulevard. this is in san leandro blocking up to two lanes of an on-ramp in the area. we'll have much more "timesaver traffic" coming up in a few minutes. grim news from the east coast this morning. the number of deaths blamed on superstorm sandy is up to at least 92. two of the victims were young children found on staten island three days after being swept from their mother's arms. long gas lines frustrating drivers in new york where one man was arrested for pulling a gun to cut in line. cbs reporter randall pinkston reports that gas is also hard to find on the jersey shore. reporter: you didn't have
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to look hard to find frustrated people. there were long lines to get gas and long lines to get into new york city, as police enforced a three-person per vehicle rule. traffic will only get better when all of the tunnels and subway lines are clear of water. and the pumps are operating 24 hours a day to speed up the process. but one look at this tunnel connecting manhattan and brooklyn shows just how much work is still left to be done. the nights are especially hard for people without electricity. >> we've been cold some nights. >> dark and cold. >> reporter: con ed says it will have power back on tomorrow for hundreds of thousands of people in manhattan. that's good news for elaine and mark. they have been stuck in their 20th floor apartment without elevator service since the storm knocked out power. >> coming up is really a hardship for us. >> that's why we stayed up
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here. >> reporter: here in new jersey, police began allowing people who live along the coast back into their homes for the first time since the storm. for many, it was an emotional homecoming. >> got upset. we lost everything we had. it's nothing we can do. >> reporter: vicente juarez says the water rose 3 feet high in his stafford township home. he spent the afternoon throwing everything away. damage from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. randall pinkston, cbs news, stafford township, new jersey. new york's mayor michael bloomberg has decided to go ahead with this weekend's scheduled new york city marathon. there's some criticism about the decision. but the mayor says the race will show the city's resilience and it will be a financial boost for the city. so we're asking, should the new york city marathon go on as planned? you can comment on facebook or twitter or email us at
4:33 am -- at air force bases with helping with hurricane relief efforts. a cargo plane took off from travis air force base as part of a group of 17 aircraft heading to new york. they are carrying more than a million pounds of equipment including utility trucks and relief supplies. 4:33. a violent attack caught on camera. police in san francisco are asking for help from the public to find the manassaulted a muni station agent -- man who assaulted a muni station agent. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is live with surveillance video. reporter: good morning. the station agent was badly injured. he is out of the hospital but he is still not back at work here at the muni station behind me on van ness and market. here is that surveillance video that police have just released hoping it will help catch the suspect in this case. this is taken at the station on october 10 at 7:40 p.m. it started when the agent told the suspect bikes weren't allowed on muni. police say he jumped a railing
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with his bike anyway and started walking toward the platform. the agent followed and the suspect started punching and kicking him. the 55-year-old agent was badly hurt. he was taken to the hospital. meantime, the bicyclist ran out of the station and got away. that bicyclist is described as a caucasian man between 25 and 30 years old about 6 feet tall with brown hair. now, police know there were a lot of witnesses on the platform. it was just before 8 p.m. on a busy even so they are hoping those witnesses will come forward as would anybody who might recognize that man in the picture you just saw. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. police say the riots after the giants world series sweep sunday are part of a recent surge of violence in san francisco's mission district. and now the department is beefing up patrols there. expect to see more officers near the 24th street and 16th street bart stations in the mission. the neighborhood has seen 4
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homicides in the past two weeks. an anticrime project known as operation impact is under way in two northern california cities. the california highway patrol is providing extra officers to oakland and stockton. chp officers will be in oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. help from the chp will allow the city's police department to increase patrols in high crime areas. >> it was to enhance that effort and put more visible marked patrol cars to give a better law enforcement presence out on our streets. >> the program is set to run for at least the next three months. there is a $15,000 reward for information to solve an east oakland murder. a memorial is outside the cell phone store where the owner was gunned down on halloween as he was closing the store. 50-year-old wilbur bartley was well loved in the community. >> he was always giving the kids raider tickets. kids would come in if they were hungry he would give them money
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to feed them. >> personally saddened by this senseless act of violence and i pledge it this farmly and this community that we will forge as many resources as we can into finding the killer. >> police say a number of shots were fired when bartley was gunned down. other bay area headlines we're following on this friday. there could be a strike against northern california grocery chain this weekend. a federal mediator is trying to help raley's supermarkets and union workers reach a contract agreement to avoid a strike at 130 stores. caltrain is continuing to set records with ridership numbers. in september more than 50,000 people rode caltrain on average weekday but even as the number of customers increased be, on- time performance went down due in part to signal malfunctions and some mechanical problems. 4:36. let's check weather. lawrence is live in san jose. i would see him as a science guy, yes? >> he is, of course. >> we have the bay area science
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festival down here and all kinds of neat things to look at, some great exhibits. here in the heart of the silicon valley where there was so much innovation, computers, computer chips. they have a lot of neat things to check out if you want to learn how to fly a plane, make your own plane, build a robot, they are going to be doing that. it's a great time to get out here and enjoy. the weather is work out great, too. it looks like finally we're watching a break from the rain and we are setting up for the weekend. but temperatures running chilly right now. we have some 40s in some of the north bay valleys, 50s elsewhere so a little bit cold early on today but high pressure is going to be building in. a lot of clouds dumping over the ridge so looking at partly cloudy skies throughout the day today. still planning on lots of sunshine by the afternoon, temperatures will be very similar to yesterday. those highs running generally in the 60s, maybe some low 70s well inland. but i think you're going to like the weekend. lots of sunshine coming our way. maybe some temperatures runningback in the 80s as we
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look toward the weekend. we have to wait another day for that. we're going to talk about the tech museum of innovation and the science festival all day. we'll have more on that. we have some special guests right now. elizabeth wenger is here to talk traffic! >> thank you, lawrence. i appreciate it very much. all right. yeah. sounds like it's going to be a beautiful fall weekend. we are starting off very nicely traffic wise as well on this friday morning. so far "friday light" as you can see, everything is nice and quiet so far towards the bay bridge and the toll plaza. and it continues to look that way on the upper and the lower decks. to our maps in the east bay we were watching this problem northbound 880 approaching marina. it looks like it's still there only blocking one of the right lanes. chp is on scene. they told us minor injuries involved in the crash. it's not causing any big delays because it's still so early. south bay check so far, so good across the south bay. you notice those live drive time sensors are still showing speeds pretty much at the limit on 101, 280 through downtown
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san jose and up the guadalupe parkway. similar story at the altamont pass, usually the first to slow down. but so far, so good towards pleasanton. back to you guys. >> thank you. just four more days of campaigning before election day. today president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are launching a major campaign push for the final weekend. cate caugiran joins us now with the latest from the newsroom. good morning. reporter: good morning. today's main focus is on ohio which a lot of analysts say could be the deciding state in the electoral vote. the president has three events in the buckeye state today while mitt romney has two. yesterday, the president resumed campaigning after spending several days overseeing the federal government's response to superstorm sandy along the eastern seaboard. he spoke about the disaster yesterday at a campaign stop in boulder, colorado. >> we have also been inspired these past few days because when disaster strikes, we see
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america at its best. the petty differences that consume us in normal times, they all seem to melt away. >> mitt romney also spoke about victims of the disaster at a campaign rally in virginia. >> i hope you'll keep them in your thoughts and prayers and if you have a few extra dollars, send them along to the american red cross or to the salvation army or to other relief organizations, it can make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens. >> reporter: this morning the final jobs report before next week's election will be released. it's expected to come out in less than an hour. today's report will be from october. the september report showed unemployment dropped to 7.8%. that was the first dip below 8 since before the president took office. the last incumbent president to run for re-election with an october figure that high was gerald ford when he lost to jimmy carter in 1976. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. 4:40 now. the arizona nonprofit behind an
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$11 million donation against prop 30 in support of prop 32 won't have to turn over its financial records or reveal itself yet. the attorneys appealed a court order that would have required the group to produce the documents by the close of business yesterday. the state fair political practice commission wants to know who is behind that large donation. 4:41. oh, dear. a mommy deer shot by someone with an arrow. the snapshot wildlife officials hope someone sees. plus. >> oh, my god. that's shocking. >> hot lingerie and we're not talking sexy. how thieves stole $11,000 of brass from a bay area victoria's secret. >> a suspected gas thief ends up or fine. what happened to his car when police say he tried to get away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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could get a steal on gas...t got burned. the man you see here rolling on the trying to put ot
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the flames. investigators sy ough...he a suspected thief tried to steal gas and got burned in the process. the man rolling on the ground is trying to put out flames. investigators say he was stealing gas with a pump. police caught the guy. he is in the hospital. and he is expected to survive. things getting desperate out on the east coast to be sure. >> no kidding. 4:44. let's check the weather. lawrence has left us for the morning. >> he is a mad scientist this morning down in san jose. >> this is really cool. they are having the bay area science festival here at the tech museum of innovation in san jose. i have to show this to you. they have the science kit containing more than 100 experiments. 120 kitchen activities in chemistry.
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how about this? renewable energy science education set. a fuel cell car kit. i'm in heaven! if you want to enjoy some of the neat science and innovations that take place here in the bay area and all around the country, you know, we invent a lot of these things right here. you can see the robots, silicon chips. you can work with a lot of hands on experiments and learn about the different activities maybe meet some of the scientists that invent some of these things. it's a neat festival for you to come down and enjoy. it is for everybody, for kids, adults alike. if you have ever been wondering what this is all about, how things are created, you want to come down here to the tech museum of innovation and they will show you even hands on stuff to play with. the weather will be nice. we are drying out around the bay area. we are starting out chilly in spots. 50s into the north bay valleys, 50s elsewhere with partly cloudy skies, patchy fog outside now. as we head throughout the day today, it looks like high pressure is going to be taking over. that means we are looking for a very nice weekend ahead. but it will take another day or so for to us get things warming
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up as it looks like that ridge is going to slowly build in. but once it does, some spectacular weather ahead especially in the latter half of the weekend as temperatures heat up. numbers looking good toward the afternoon. probably 60s and 70s showing up in some of the valleys so mild temperatures into the afternoon but at least it's going to be dry outside as that ridge will continue to move in overhead. east bay temperatures you will see some of the warmer numbers there. mainly in the 60s, some low 70s by the afternoon and as you make your way inside the bay temperatures cooler but lots of sunshine a few high clouds likely to drift across our skies otherwise looking good. out over the next seven days, the weekend setting up nicely. we got done with the dirty work during the week. rain is long gone. nice dry weather through sunday, in fact we may see an offshore wind. that could crank those temperatures up into the 80s in some spots inland, lots of 70s inside the bay staying very nice over the next few days and this is what i'm looking for, for christmas.
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you guys want ideas? how about some of these science kits? i have always wanted to build a fuel cell car, elizabeth. how about that? >> so have i! that's on my christmas list, too! [ laughter ] >> thanks, lawrence. let's go out live to the san mateo bridge. no big issues out there on this friday morning. the right side of your screen is the commute direction. if you watch us every morning you maybe know this traffic shot and everything looks pretty good usually at this time of the morning it does. the camera is just past the toll plaza. taillights towards the peninsula. elsewhere to our maps we have been watching one accident so far this morning so we can overall call it "friday light." it is northbound 880 approaching marina boulevard. one lane still blocked. chp is on scene. but, of course, it's still early 4:47 so cars are just zipping past that accident scene. so no major problems towards downtown and the coliseum or oakland airport if you have a flight to catch. in the south bay, we have all these live drive time sensors
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down that way so 280 the guadalupe parkway, highway 85, 101 through morgan hill towards san jose still moving at the limit. some more stories for the altamont pass. actually typically by this time of the morning we see a few brake lights in the westbound 580 lanes. not the case so far. mass transit might be a great day to use it. always a great option friday. kickback a little bit on bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. everything is on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. u.s. officials have revealed a new timeline about just how long it took for help to arrive after the september attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. intelligence officials say cia officers went to the aid of state department staff in benghazi less than 25 minutes after the first call for help. the timeline appears to be an effort to rebut a fox news report that claims the cia told its personnel to stand down rather than go to the consulate. 4:48. some relief for 22 of the people wounded during july's
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mass shooting at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. the university of colorado has made arrangements so that the patients treated won't have to pay. some costs have been covered by medicaid or private donations. in some other cases the costs were waived by the hospital, insurance companies and the doctors, as well. >> i almost didn't want to be in the hospital. i almost just wanted to say, patch up what you can and let me go, because i couldn't do it. i could not pay that. >> in all, at least 58 people were wounded that night. 12 others lost their lives. arrangements scheduled today -- make that an arraignment is scheduled today for the two former penn state university administrators accused of keeping quiet about child sexual abuse allegations against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky, former athletic director tim curley and former violent gary schultz were accused in a grand
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jury report of conspiring to conceal complaints about that football coach. there is a delay in lab work on a cold case clue from the bay area. a bone fragment found in san joaquin county this year may be from michaela garecht kidnapped in hayward 24 years ago when she was only nine. a lab in arizona is testing the dna but garecht's mother is told the results might not be in for another six weeks due to an undisclosed delay at the lab. people in a berkeley hills are on the lookout for a deer they hope to help out. a woman saw a deer in trouble at her backyard had an arrow in its side and was crouching next to a fawn. later there were two deers in the yard this time without the arrow. >> felt sick that someone would do that. >> there was no arrow. she had a bloody patch. >> state and local animal service agencies are asking people in the area to help track that deer. but they are not optimistic
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about her chances of survival. a brazen bra heist by an organized group of halloween shoplifters. employees at victoria's secret say it was likely a group of women who came into the palo alto store on a busy halloween day and stole $11,000 worth of bras. that's more than 200 bras in a matter of seconds. shoppers say they are not surprised. >> one bra you're talking about $80 or $50. so yeah -- >> you can see why they stole them? >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> police have no suspect description. thieves hit the same store just last friday and took $7,000 worth of bras. unique statue with sentimental value is back in the hands of its owner. thomas the hippopotamus is in pieces. someone stole the statue three years ago from the front of a home in sutro heights. then yesterday police returned it to its owner in pieces in san francisco.
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>> i knew he would come back. i just knew it. i just felt that, first of all, nobody would say that it's scrap metal. >> well, if sold to recyclers, the thief probably could have gotten $200. it was found during a drug bust friday. they made an arrest. the owner says they plan to weld it back together. a lot of pieces though. a newborn monkey that arrived during the giants post- season run now has a name. it was named after a player. the guy with the orange head right there. the san francisco zoo named the female monkey romo after giants closer sergio romo. the zoo said that was the overwhelming favorite name and fits with the baby monkey's playful personality. he can throw a baseball, too. other popular choices were posey and scutaro but that's a romo. >> he has the hair but does he have the dimples? >> i don't know. but he has the name.
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that's all that matters. >> sure. was it a hurricane or super storm? the important distinction that could cost storm victims a lot of money. >> he hit the jackpot. what george lucas plans to do with his new $4 billion disney fortune? >> a good luck story, a lottery winner nearly misses out on millions. how she found her ticket right in the nick of time. >> right now live pictures from the kennedy space center in florida. check it out. space shuttle atlantis is make its final ten-mile journey to its new home.
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one of my favorite weekends of the year.
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not just because of sunshine but we get to roll the clocks back an hour. you get an extra hour of sleep saturday night. don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, too. >> you just made our morning! thanks, lawrence. let's go out live towards our sensors. northbound one within 101 northbound an accident with chp on scene. we'll have details coming up in a little bit. george lucas is going to make billions selling his production empire to disney. and now there's word that he plans to give a lot of that money away. the hollywood reporter says lucas will donate most of the $4 billion from the sale to charity. one possible recipient could be his existing educational foundation, or he could create a new foundation. with all that money -- >> what can you do with $4 billion? give back. i know mr. lucas has done a lot of that. >> no kidding. one woman in southern california almost missed out on
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a fortune. >> speaking of bucks. she bought a ticket worth $23 million in the california super lotto last may. at some point she threw it in her glove compartment, forgot about it. the hunt for the winners gave others a chance to dream if only for a couple of minutes. >> we were in the lottery for the 23 million that day and thought we were millionaires for about five minutes so we figured we better keep playing. >> lotto officials say the winner's daughter spotted her picture in the paper, got ahold of her. the winner will identify herself today at a news conference. 24 days ahead of the deadline and that has happened where people throw away or lose the ticket or don't check it. you got to check them, you know? >> good thing for her daughter. >> absolutely. 4:57. coming up, a final snapshot. >> how today's jobs report could impact the presidential race. plus. [ yelling ]
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>> a lot of frustrations mounting as essentials following superstorm sandy are in short supply. >> an angry bicyclist attacks a muni agent. police just released some surveillance video hoping to track this guy down. ,,
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